Part 4: Get Some Help Already Before You Bore Yourself To Death


My to-do list is epically long, ranging from the mundane (laundry) to the involved (organize that closet). So now that I’ve got the baby down for a nap and have at least 45 min to tackle said to-do list, am I standing in front of my pantry scooping brown sugar into my mouth? Because I am BORED!

At the end of a long day when Jon comes home from work and asks “what’s the plan for dinner?” and I picture the arugula that needs to be eaten before it goes stinky with slime and run through the various icy proteins sitting in the bottom of my freezer, trying to piece together a healthy meal, I’m probably going to answer with “Lets order take out.” Why does this happen? Is it because spending all day with a baby while I try to multitask and tackle that epic to-do list is exhausting? Yes. But there are times when planning and executing dinner is a part of that multitasking. So why now do I order take out? You guessed it. BOREDOM.

There are lots of types of boredom when it comes to weight loss. Sometimes it’s that I’m bored with food itself. If I eat one more simple salad made with arugula (can you tell I’m having a moment with arugula?) next to a lean protein dipped into mustard I might just kill someone or at the very least inflict some sort of mean-spirited emotional pain. Sometimes it’s that I’m bored with life. Let’s go out for lunch and eat french fries because it’s something to do. Sometimes its just that I’m bored with the idea of making positive healthy choices.  That’s when the brown sugar tub comes into play. No matter how clean and healthy my kitchen is, there’s always something I can shove down my throat that gives me a temporary zing before making me feel disgusting, thus resulting in more shoving, and thus proving that I am in charge of my own life, you stupid diet! I mean, back off diet!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and the rest of us get help. Help comes in many forms.  You could ask your husband to help make dinner. You could gather some new recipes online. You could schedule in some times with friends you haven’t seen in a while to remind yourself that you are not a boring person but rather you are charming and well-liked. You could try a new vegetable. You could have breakfast for dinner to shake things up. You could go to a Weight Watchers meeting where they will probably have a dozen more suggestions for how to combat boredom with your food.

The thing about getting help is that it almost doesn’t matter what form it comes in. The simple act of reaching out for help will help you almost as much as the help itself. I think it has something to do with acknowledging that you are stuck.

I am not the best at asking for help. For years, Jon & I have thrown a holiday party complete with lots of appetizers that take time to prepare. Several years ago I found myself insanely busy with no time to prepare for this party. I spent weeks feeling overwhelmed and cursing the day I sent out the invitation–cursing the day I first threw this party and declared it an annual event! What was I thinking?! Why did I feel the need to enjoy myself alongside the best people I know?! I hate parties, don’t I?! Finally I feebly asked some girlfriends if they would mind coming over early to help me wrap pigs into blanket and stick toothpicks through bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. Not only did they say yes, but they jumped at the opportunity to help me! Because people like to help people. People like to help people because they know that they will need help one day too.

So if you are feeling stuck, if you can’t find your way out of “But This Is Hard” then please, for the love of God, ask for some help. The people in your life will surprise you with how helpful they can be. They will happily make walking dates with you and offer to stay in and make healthy dinners instead of going out for bread baskets. They will have recipes to share and restaurants with delicious options to help you stay on plan. They will renew the spark that has been lost and you will learn something new and useful. I promise. Just try it. If I’m wrong, then you can complain about me to your friends and they will probably recommend another blog and then I will be right again.

Up next week: “Wanting to Want to Lose Weight”



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