But This is Hard

Nothing more annoying than an inspirational quote when you're stuck in "But this is hard" land.

Nothing more annoying than an inspirational quote when you’re stuck in “But this is hard” land.

Spoiler Alert: If you are currently in The Initial Commitment Surge I wrote about last week, then please refrain from reading this article. This article contains spoilers about what you might be feeling one day and if you do not yet feel this way, you risk being dangerously tainted by the realities that lie ahead. Read at your own risk.

Sorry to be so dramatic. But this is hard, right? It’s so hard to stick to a plan when what you really want is the muffin at Starbucks, the calamari at happy hour and the bread—oh how you want the bread.

“But This is Hard” usually begins with some weight gain or at the very least, a plateau. Suddenly things don’t seem to rosy anymore. Grocery shopping feels like a chore and you’re bored with the food you’re cooking. You don’t want to exercise. Maybe you’re body is a little sore, or maybe you just don’t want to because it’s boring. Exercise can be really boring. Making the healthy choice at a restaurant can be very boring. Trying to find ways to keep from getting bored can be boring. Why is EVERYTHING SO BORING?!?!!!

My advice to those of you who are currently in “But This is Hard” is to tell you that you are right. This is hard. I mean, take a break for a minute and look at what you’ve been doing. You have made some major shifts in your lifestyle. You are eating foods you weren’t eating before – I mean you practically have an unhealthy obsession with kale. Your body is so much better at moving! Good job body! And you might even like the way you look in some of your clothes. Several weeks ago, this was unheard of. You have changed, my friend, congratulations. Take a moment to really digest what you’ve been doing. It’s pretty incredible.

Also, take a deep breath. The pace of The Initial Commitment Surge is brisk. When you run out of steam, it is my opinion that you have earned a break. Not a cheat day, please don’t go out and eat a bacon cheeseburger with a side of pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of beer. More of a figurative break. Once you’ve done that you’re ready for…

Next Week: Part 4: Get Some Help Already Before You Bore Yourself to Death


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