Part 2: The Initial Commitment Surge

Initial Commitment Surge 2

Grocery shopping. New recipe searches. Cooking. Walks. Picky ordering at restaurants. You are on top of it. You are in the zone. Everything is new and blossoming with possibility. You can’t believe you didn’t do this sooner!

By the end of day one, you feel better. You ate well, you moved your body and you know what to do tomorrow. You did it right. Whatever it was that you had intended to do. You counted your calories, your points, your protein, your steps, your glasses of water. You’re not hungry. You may have even had some chocolate. It’s ok. The world did not explode.

Every day you wake up and excitedly feel your tummy and it feels skinnier. You know it does. You schedule walks with friends, you cook every night and eat delicious, filling lunches. You can’t wait until the week is up to get on a scale and track your progress. Oh hell, you’re gonna weigh yourself every morning just to make sure its working. And it is! It really truly is!

Then the day arrives—weigh in day! Time to see if any of it was worth it. And lo and behold, miracle of miracles, the number on the scale tells you it was. Glory glory hallelujah praise be the legs that got you up off your ass and walked everyday so you could feel this good in stretch pants! Who knew you could feel so good in stretch pants?!

Nothing can throw you off your game. Big party? You alternate wine with water and steer clear of the cheese plate (after you’ve had a slice or two of that brie, because, come on, you love brie). Busy day of running around? You’ve got a banana & a hard-boiled egg in your bag. Ack! What’s for dinner?! oh, no problem–you’ve got all those fresh veggies from the farmers market & a delicious piece of salmon. You’ve. Got. This.

Some of you will stay here in this state of easy commitment & resolve for longer than others. You may well ride this surge for weeks to come, shedding pounds and feeling great. When I first joined Weight Watchers I stayed here for 40 lbs. which took me several months. STAY HERE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE! STAY HERE AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Please! I hope you stay here forever and ever!

And if you are one of those people who never leaves this state of mind until you’ve reached your weight loss goal, then please go fu*k yourself I mean tell me how you maintain your in-the-zone attitude. Because when the Initial Commitment Surge starts to wan, I know what’s coming next for me. And by the time I realize that its coming, its too late, it already has me in it’s clutches. And I’m gonna go down hard…

Next week: Part 3: But This is Hard


On another note, how cool is this surge protector that bends around furniture?! $30 on

P.S. How cool is this surge protector that bends around furniture?!                $30 on




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