I Should Know

Ok. Now that you’ve watched Zooey Deshanel sing a little ditty about why its hard, lets talk about change.

I’ve gone through lots of changes in my life. We all do, right? We make small shifts all the time–switching brands of coffee; changing your route to work; finding a new favorite anything; deciding to blow off work and meet a girlfriend for happy hour. And we’ve all had experience with fairly major shifts–switching from Elementary school to Middle School (remember how epic that was?); moving away from home; falling in love; break ups; illness; death; marraige; the birth of a child. All these shifts in life require internal shifts that allow us to reframe our understanding of ourselves with this newfound information. Granted some shifts are easier than others, but I think it helps to acknowledge that we are all already expert change-makers; we have done it before and we will do it again.

One of the biggest changes I’ve ever made in my life was losing 100 lbs. Yeah yeah yeah and having a baby. But I’m only 6 months into that and I’m not sure I can offer insight on the subject so much as I can report a series of facts mostly pertaining to how much sleep we’re all getting and how much poop has occured in my day.

Let’s get back to that 100 lbs, shall we? Since I am doing this for the second time in my life, I am finding that there are some things I can see more clearly this time around. So in the coming weeks I’ll be posting a series – I’m in a Weight Loss State of Mind – studying all the different mental states of weight loss as I have experienced them. I know that not all of you are trying to lose 100 lbs or any lbs at all. I hope that you can see yourself and whatever it is that you battle in these posts because the heart of this issue seems to be, for me and everyone around me, about changing my behavior for the betterment of myself. And I have yet to meet a living breathing person who doesn’t know at least a little something about wanting to be better. I think my dog, Ruby even has moments where she wants to be better. In her case it’s because she knows that being better will result in affection and doggy beef jerky. But that’s literally all she wants out of life.

So whatever your 100 lbs or your doggy beef jerky, I hope you can see yourself in these articles in the coming weeks. I hope they will make you laugh at the ridiculousness of yourself and maybe even find a little perspective and solve all your problems and cure world hunger and AIDS. Wouldn’t that be nice?

First up next week: Part 1: Dissatisfaction, the Last Rites Binge & Everything In Between


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