That’s What Friends Are For

Friends that love your friends are the best kind of friends around.

Friends that love your friends are the best kind of friends around.

“I just ate a piece of dried orzo as though that were the kind of thing that belonged in my mouth,” said Marah.

We were prepping for a bridal shower we were throwing that day. We had done an amazing job of pre-prep the day before, chopping veggies, arranging flowers, laying out platters & hanging decorations. We made the orzo the day before and tossed it in a little dressing to sit overnight because we are the smartest of all the smart girls.

The spoon we had stirred the orzo with the day before sat on the stove top, a few pieces of dried crusty orzo stuck to the bottom side. The crusty orzo ended up in her tummy.

“Oh! There is some dried tasteless nothing that’s been sitting out over night. That is clearly meant for me to put in my mouth,” she laughed through tears. “Why wouldn’t I put this garbage in my mouth? Of course!”

This is why we are friends. Well not really. We’re friends because we met in college at USC but both grew up in the Bay Area so we are better than you. We have at times been described as “too loud” or “difficult” (code for “unabashedly honest” & “strong-willed”). And our birthdays are one day apart. But something about that crusty orzo epitomizes why we are truly truly kindred spirits. For I am a licker of the spoon. I like the  crusties at the bottom of the pan. I will eat that burnt toast. Pass the butter.

Don’t we all need a friend who will readily admit to eating out of the garbage without hesitation or thought just as much as we do ourselves? Or whatever your equally weird equivalent is. Come on, I know you have one. A friend to remind us that we are normal and ok? A friend to laugh at ourselves with? Thank goodness for those friends! I would be the weirdest lonely fat girl at a party if it weren’t for friends like Marah. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even be at the party. I’d be sitting at home feeling bad about my weird self.

At least with friends I can do that kind of thing in public. Boom! Friendship defined!


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