One Hand In The Air For The Big City


New York New York truly is a wonderful town. Last week, me and the husby traveled across the country for a little well-deserved vacation in New York. We had a great time–cramming so much into our 3 1/2 days that we left feeling satisfied, and a little exhausted.

Vacations are for rest and relaxation. They are also for rejuvenation–to fill your soul up so that you can return to the everyday. Well, let me tell you we filled our souls AND our bellies quite successfully. There wasn’t a thing that I put in my mouth that didn’t make me do the happy dance. Literally. Ask Jon.

Normally on vacation I would go in with an attempt at my WW leader’s “Fuel/Fuel/Food” plan where one eats like a normal person for 2 of the 3 meals, searching only for sustenance and nutritional value before letting oneself go at the final “food” meal. But in New York, every meal was a “Food” meal. And not just because we walked everywhere all day every day. Though we did do that too and that did help. But mostly because the food in New York was just so damned good.

I mean everything was good. Tertulia, the little Spanish place with the ridiculous pork belly Brussels sprouts and the giant bowl (small order my ass!) of paella that my friend Lia introduced us to? Phenomenal! We talked about it all weekend. Katz’s deli where people gasped at our pastrami sandwiches with cole slaw and russian dressing as I walked them to the table? Everything I wanted it to be and more! Arturo’s Pizza with the coal oven crust and the funny jazz trio in the bar with the little Asian jazz pianist who bopped her head like my mother would if she were a little Asian jazz pianist? Delish! Oh, there was more. Trust me, there was the freaking yummiest noodles and pork buns at Momofuku, banana pudding and caramel cake at Magnolia bakery, lobster rolls & cod sandwiches at Mary’s Fish Camp, a homemade carbo-loaded brunch brought to us by our friends Mike & Lia in Brooklyn, and bagels and coffee and bagels and coffee.

There was not one thing that I ate in New York that made me say…”Meh.” And I realized something. That’s how I want to eat all of the time. I only want to put things in my mouth that make me do the happy dance. Or at the very least the inverted 90’s fist pump followed by an elongated “Yesssss!”

I want to eat like I ate on vacation in New York all the time. Stay busy seeing the sights and taking as much in as possible until I’m hungry at which point I will fill my belly with delicious, highly recommended satisfying food. And if I can’t figure out exactly what that mind and body satiating food is going to be, then I’ll eat an apple and some almonds until I can figure it out instead of throwing a hunger temper tantrum and inevitably ordering a jug of pad thai or cardboard pizza & wings. Because somehow in New York, that was how I rolled.

And I didn’t have to think about it, or force myself to do it, or summon any kind of will power or super strength. I was just unwilling to settle for anything less that a “Yesssssss!”



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