Yes! Yes!

I used to judge these people.

I used to judge these people.

Yes yes?

Yes yes!

This is the battle-cry in my Sunday morning spin class taught by the…ummm…evervescent Cody. The fact that I use the words “my” and “spin class” in the same sentence still blows my mind a bit. Several years ago I would have rolled my eyes at the thought of climbing on to a stationary bike that was not attached to a television and following the directions of a sweaty spin-obsessed teacher whilst pretending to climb up hills and speed down them and then cringing the next day every time I sat down because of my bike-bruised pelvic bones. But now I find myself spinning on a Sunday morning. Voluntarily. Well, voluntarily with objection might be more fair. Every time I agree to attend class with my spin-buddy, we both proclaim, “Well, alright, but I might throw up.” We have never thrown up.

When I first took Cody’s spin class and he called out “Yes yes?” I’m pretty sure my spin-buddy and I made faces at each other in the mirror and talked mad crazy shit about him afterwards. What a weirdo. This was back in the day where the only spin classes I agreed to participate in were led by an attractive muscular black man who made music mixes entirely from the best Prince songs or David Bowie and Queen. But life gets busy and even I cannot take a spin class in the middle of the day with frequency which is when he teaches. So weekends with Cody and his obnoxiously positive battle cry are what I can squeeze in from time to time. And now when Cody calls out “Yes yes?” I answer with a resounding, enthusiastic “Yes yes!”

When did I drink the kool-aid?

I’m not sure exactly. I can’t pinpoint it. But I’m glad I did. Because “yes yes!” is infectious. It is positive and it is self-affirming. If I hadn’t embraced Cody and his “yes yes!” I think I would be missing out on something. Something more than just a really really sweaty 45 minutes on a stationary bike on a Sunday. Accepting the “yes yes!” has opened me up to possibility. Maybe that sounds like a stretch. But there is a lot in life that I have passed up because I thought I was too cool for school. And this past Sunday when I cried out “Yes yes!” I was struck with gratitude that I had stepped outside of my comfort zone and embraced the eye-rollingly obnoxious enthusiasm that is spin class with Cody. And that made me grateful that I tried a spin class in the first place. Because it makes me feel strong and powerful and capable. If only for 45 minutes. But sometimes I need that 45 minutes to remind myself what I’m capable of.

So far this year I’ve been trying to say “yes yes!” more often. I’m saying yes to little projects that I might have passed up as being “not worth my time” and so far every single one of those projects has been fun, enriching and a great reminder of how capable I am. I’m saying yes to trying new restaurants and making new friends. To new podcasts and books and music and television shows. All of these yeses have been rewarding. All of them. Even the most boring book club selection in history (note: I am the WORST book club member, so history is a strong word) led me to discover that I like listening to audio-books on walks because it feels like multi-tasking. Win! I’ve listed to 2 other books since!

I’m excited to see what “yes yes!” brings me this year. If I can go from rolling my eyes at Cody to answering his battle cry full-out, then what else is possible?

Now I just have to get over my “what is she doing?!” face during the tiny blonde spin teacher’s class while she jumps up and down in front of my bike. Is that supposed to be motivating?

By now, you should already know the answer….YES YES!!!

Now I am these people. YES YES!

Now I am these people. YES YES!


One thought on “Yes! Yes!

  1. Okay, this is kind of morbid, but after my (long departed) maternal grandfather had a stroke, all he could say was “Yes yes!” . . . so I guess Cody’s channeling my grandpa Bob. Needless to say, I enjoyed this entry 🙂

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