Ode to the Pink Chairs

Pink chairs be-gone!

Pink chairs be-gone!

My Weight Watcher’s meeting has been in its new location for several weeks now but I have to admit, I’m having trouble adjusting. Not that I want to go back to the crowded pink plastic chairs in the room with the slightly moldy carpet that lies tucked in the back of a building which houses Wilhelmina models & über-skinny stylist Rachel Zoe. But there are some things about that old meeting room that I miss.

I could go on about the details that are throwing me off (neon green might not be better than mauve, there is no Coffee Bean across the street, the new meeting location is definitely much farther away and I can’t seem to be on time because of it) but the only real problem here is that it’s hard to make a change to a routine. And my WW routine has been the same for over 5 years (read this post if you want to know more about that). So no wonder facing west instead of north during a WW meeting is throwing me off. Everything feels different and so everything feels wrong.

At first.

Remember in fifth grade when the teacher would change the seat assignments in the room and you would have new neighbors and a different view of the chalkboard? I had a wacky Berkeley fifth grade teacher who devised an entire government complete with ways to earn “points” (even then I understood a points system) which when accumulated could be used to purchase real estate throughout the classroom, so I sometimes had a very different view depending on how many points I could accumulate. For a while my “seat” in class was on top of two giant squares of foam that served as a chair atop a big table that served as a sort of platform/bunk bed sort of desk for me and a classmate. Sort of. But I digress.

Whenever we changed seats in class, though there was some initial fear and attitude about where I ended up, it always felt like a fresh start. Almost like that first week of school. Almost like there was no fraction I couldn’t divide. Almost like I was excited to be in school and learning about whatever boring thing I was learning about at the time.  Almost. But maybe almost is enough. Enough to kick your brain into fresh-start, clean-slate motivation mode. Enough to carry you through that boring lesson plan or whatever it is that you are avoiding doing because “I don’t wanna!” Maybe even enough to get through it while actually enjoying yourself.

So though I will miss the fine folks at the Coffee Bean who dutifully  made my drink (Iced Americano with No-Sugar-Added Vanilla powder and room for milk) better than any other Coffee Bean in town; though I will probably curse the extra LA traffic in my way as I venture deeper into West Hollywood; I am glad for this new neon green Weight Watchers meeting room and I will embrace it and all the fresh-start, clean-slate motivation it has to offer.

Mmm…love that new carpet smell!


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Pink Chairs

  1. It was a shock when Cherie and I returned after a couple of months off and nobody told us that WW had moved. We found the place though, and I agree with you regarding the chartreuse chairs. A bit of a shock to the system. Also, I was 5 minutes away from the old place. Since Lynn is still there, I will give it a chance. Hmmm

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