Holidaze Reality Check

Well intentioned vegetables

Can well-intentioned vegetables stop me from spinning into holiday oblivion?

Alright. Lets get holiday real. Cuz I’m sitting at a bar drinking a manhattan before my dance class. My dance class that equals exercise.  What is going on?!!! How did I get here?!!?

I am here because…well…I’m here because I find the holidays overwhelming. Shocker. I find all the to-do’s, the parties, the cookies and everyone’s feelings to be overwhelming. I believe that this might be the actual definition of the word “holidays.” And the way that I react to all this overwhelm is to eat food and to drink calories (calories is a nice word for wine and bourbon in this instance). My answer to everything this holiday season seems to be- “oh yeah?! Well, I’m gonna eat this ohmnohmnohmn bread-sugar-sweet-ohmnohmnohmn.  What’re you gonna do about it?”

Apparently I’m a little antagonistic. And fat. Antagonistic and fat. In the mirror, I am fat. And don’t try to talk me out if it. I’m the fattest fatty that ever walked this fatty fat world. Ok, that’s a little bit of hyperbole. I just feel gross and ugh. So in order to not drown in gross-ugh-ness, I will now list the things I am doing right.

I am no longer the person who continues to eat when I’m so full I could barf. I might eat UNTIL I’m so full I could barf. But then I stop. Right before the point of barfdom. And I will take that as a win.

I am no longer the person who wakes up and let’s the Burger King come to me. Meaning, I don’t go to Burger King. Unless its 1 am and it’s actually Jack in the Box. But at least it’s not lunch at a Burger King, right?  Maybe let’s move on from this one.

I am a person who drinks water. Water water water. Water water water water. So much water. I drink it. Ahhh. Every time I drink water, I’m not eating something else. Again. Not Burger King. Again, I take the win.

I am no longer the kind of person who eats without thought. Sometimes to my own detriment. In fact, I think about everything I eat, and everything I don’t eat. The good, the bad and the ugly. But that’s better than not thinking about any of it at all. Because for me, no thought leads to lunches at Burger King. And I believe we’ve covered that already.

I am the kind of person who spends an entire day making several different vegetable soups. Yesterday I spent, literally the entire day making several different veggie entrees: fresh veggie soup (0 pts) Roasted Autumnal Veggie Soup (2 pts) and a Veggie-Barley Casserole. Like all day. Only healthy people do this, right?

So this holiday season, lets not dwell on the negative, lets accentuate the positive. Lets celebrate the victories. Because I am a person who drinks water! In the face of adversity, I chug a strangely large amount of water, preferably through a straw. And it is far better than the handful of brownies I would have eaten in the past. And for that I am grateful.

What are YOU are doing RIGHT?

That’s great! Now, celebrate it! Light a Christmas tree for it! Eat a cookie for it-oh wait, that’s not right. Ah well, can’t win ‘em all! Might as well enjoy this pre-dance class manhattan. Cheers!


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