And Now For Something Completely Different…

What should you do instead of consuming a bag of chips on your couch while you catch up on all the comedies that used to be funny and are now disappointingly piling up on your DVR?

Go see Pitch Perfect.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about where have you been and watch this immediately?!

Here’s why you should see this movie:
1) It’s got singing in it. And dancing. And a not-too-heavy-handed RomCom subplot with an adorable young lad. Who can sing. Did I mention there’s singing?

Nothing but treble.

2) Rebel Wilson. She will make you laugh at the joke she’s the butt of then smack you for laughing which will make you laugh even harder. I love everything about her.


3) Because everyone has an acapella geek deep inside. They’re making music with their mouth! It’s awesome.

I have had a mild obsession with acapella music since high school when my cool choir conductor lent me some of his college acapella CD’s. I made a mix tape that I listened to constantly (I still sing the mouth-drum line every time I hear Africa by Toto). I joined the only acapella group in high school. Womyn with Wings. Yes, myn. Because there was nothing male about us. We sang mostly old spirituals that we learned from Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Wade in the water, baby!

When I bombed my audition for the SoCal VoCals in college I thought my life was incomplete.

Until now. Because now there is hope. Now there is Pitch Perfect.

Go see this movie. It will make you feel better than that bag of Halloween candy sitting in your pantry that you got “for the trick-or-treaters.”

***A special viewing recommendation***
This movie is best viewed at a giant movie cineplex filled with lots of teenagers on a Friday night. It will heighten your experience because you won’t feel so stupid for dancing in your seat.


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