Back to School

Rodney was ready. Are you?

That’s it, summer’s over. Well, not technically. The first day of fall isn’t until the end of September and here in Los Angeles, it’s definitely still hot as balls for several more weeks which is a stern reminder that summer is alive and well. And even though I am thankfully not returning to school, I’m surrounded by the energy of people who are.

Recently my friend and fellow blogger, Anjali wrote about her decision to go back to school, and earlier this week, Facebook told me her first day had arrived. I found myself picturing Anjali taking the typical first-day-of-school, on the front steps picture with her backpack and her lunch box and her first day of school outfit. Then, because I’m a little self-absorbed, I started picturing myself taking the same type of picture. What would I be wearing? What would I be most excited for? Suddenly I was in a back-to-school mood.

I always loved going back to school. I loved the newness of it all. First-day-of-school outfits aside, I was excited to see what books I’d be reading that year and who I’d be sitting next to in geometry until the teacher changed the seating chart. I was just as excited to fill my brain with new information as  I was to get to see my friends every day. And while I wasn’t exactly an A-student all year round, for the first week or two of school, I was an A+ student–prepared, eager and committed. In essence, I was motivated.

So, if “back-to-school-mood” is the same as “motivation” and all I have to do to feel that way is picture myself in a backpack and a new outfit, why don’t I do that ALL OF THE TIME?!?! I mean, I have solved all my problems in a matter of moments, right? Here’s what I’m picturing:

I don’t know this little girl, but everything about her makes me want to raise my hand and wait to be called on.

If I were starting school tomorrow, I would want my first day of school outfit to look something like this:

Except without the knee socks as I do not have pencils for legs and it is still 85 degrees outside.

I know for a fact that simply picturing myself as a 4-year-old with an over-sized backpack or a model who has to walk through the woods to get to school isn’t going to keep my hand out of an open bag of chips. But it does feel like I’m setting myself up for success. I’m looking for the newness in life, looking for the excitement. I’m living life like there could be a pop quiz at any moment. And I feel like if there was a pop quiz, I’d be ready. Bring it.


7 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I’ve got back-to-school fever too! No matter how old I get, it still motivates me to take stock and conceptualize an exciting year ahead. One that is full of incredibly stylish new clothes, of course. One can dream : )

  2. I still remember reading Seventeen mag and ogling the cute sweaters and all the plaid . . . and then remembering that I lived in a city without seasons! Well, at least not logically timed seasons . . .

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