Wait a minute

Whenever I hit a figurative plateau, I always picture a literal one.

It’s been longer than usual since my last post. I suppose I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit me. And that seems to be the story of my life right now–waiting. Waiting for people to get back to me. Waiting for projects to start. Waiting for vacations to begin. Waiting for my next meal. Waiting to be skinny.

All this waiting can make a gal impatient and antsy. Antsy impatience can lead to picking–looking so closely at something (weight loss, the script I’m writing, researching my upcoming trip to Italy) that you start to lose perspective on what really needs to be done. It is in these times when I start by re-organizing a drawer and end up with the entire contents of my kitchen cabinets strewn about. If I’ve got ants in my pants then a small project can turn into a major project in a heartbeat. And with several major projects on my horizon, Lord knows I don’t need 2 loads of laundry turning into a yard-sale-inducing closet purge. At least not today.

I find that in these waiting periods–let’s call them plateaus, shall we?–what I need are quick, easy, simple tasks.   Meaning things that require little action and even less thought. I have found that when I’m trying to bust through a weight-loss plateau, the scale will not move if I am counting the grains of rice in my dinner and obsessing over how many activity points I’ve walked out that week. But what does work? Getting my focus off the problem at hand. I made spaghetti squash twice this week. And not just because I like it.  Well, of course I did it because I like it, but also because it takes 15 min in the microwave to cook and a twist of the wrist over a jar of spaghetti sauce to complete. Something yummy and satisfying that requires no thought and is healthy healthy healthy.

You see, what I’m learning is that overcoming plateaus can be counterintuitive. In weight loss and in life. Sometimes instead of putting more energy and focus onto the problem, it’s best to just leave it alone for  a while. Let it settle. Like the Beatles heard Mother Mary say, “Let it be.” She was speaking words of wisdom after all.

In case you need a little inspiration, let hairy Paul sing it to you.


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