Oh, oh it’s magic

At last week’s Weight Watcher’s meeting, a glossy brightly colored poster posed a question.

If you could have anything you wanted to make it easier to achieve your weight-loss goals, what would it be?

And in case we were stuck for answers, the poster also offered up a picture of a woman in a chef’s hat, holding a spatula. Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge. And of course that was the first answer that came up. In fact at my meeting, we quickly arrived at a list that Lynn, my WW Leader dubbed “The Holy Trinity” – personal chef, personal trainer, points values listed on every food item in the world. That is, apparently, what every Weight Watcher could ever hope to want. And I am pretty much in line with this list.


I’ve been thinking about this question and I would like to amend my answer. I have decided that I would like a magic pill instead. Please.

My magic pill is very futuristic. It does a lot of things. It’s primary function would be to keep me undyingly motivated and empowered. Because I make more good decisions when I feel motivated and empowered. The second thing my magic pill would do is allow me to exercise in my sleep. I know my body wants exercise, but if I could be asleep whilst reaping the cardiovascular benefits, that would be life altering. I mean, just imagine that for a second. Lastly, my magic pill would have a sort of emergency function. Like how if you forget to take your birth control pill on Tuesday, you can take 2 on Wednesday and get back on track. So if I went to a party and ate more than I should have, I could take 2 magic pills the next day. And my magic pills when taken 2 at a time curb your hunger AND contain sufficient nutritional content so that I can eat lighter and get back on track quickly.

Don’t you want my magic pill now?

I know, I know…the point of the WW poster-question was to identify the areas in your weight-loss journey where you could use a little help. So you can’t afford a personal chef. What CAN you do to make cooking and meal planning and shopping and chopping easier? Shop online and have groceries delivered through Vons.com or farmfreshtoyou.com; buy pre-chopped veggies (hello Trader Joes!); simplify your recipes; automate your week (Mondays=Pasta, Tuesdays=soup night, etc). There are lots of things we can do in answer to our longing for the Holy Trinity.

So what can I do to get the effects of my not-yet-invented magic pill? I think the main appeal of the magic pill is that it’s magic, duh – it removes the struggle. So maybe I need to make sure that I add a little magic to my life – something that helps alleviate the struggle, to make things a little more fun, have a little more zing. Well what could that be? Things that I consider magical:


Laura Mercier in “Audrey” is my go-to.

A dance party.

If only there were streamers.

A good movie that guarantees a good cry.

Drink the juice, Shelby, drink the juice!

A proper hookie day.

A PROPER hookie day.

A good bra.

A Weight Watchers Meeting.

Magic meeting.

Things that make me feel better, happier more positive, IN the moment. There’s a lot more magic to be had out there. Where do you find your magic?


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