I realized something this week.

I’ve been hiding behind exercise. Hiding from the fact that I need to make some real changes to how I eat.

Obviously exercise  helps us all get to or maintain a healthy body weight. But I’ve been telling myself that I can eat more because I am a person who exercises. And then I spend all week killing myself to compensate for the fact that I eat too damned much!

That is crazy. I am a crazy person. Cuckoo.

Straight cray cray.

I didn’t see it until the ability to move without pain was taken away from me. I didn’t see that I was trying to do it all have it all eat it all. A literally impossible task. Therefore trying to accomplish this makes me delusional. Right? I mean I have never even taken a course in psychology, but that seems delusional to me.

But let me tell you something.

Now that I have identified that I am chasing a delusion it is easier to say to myself “Snap out of it! Don’t be so cray cray!” It also helps if you imagine Tyra Banks saying it to you.

What have you been deluding yourself about? Or maybe it’s just me.

***A special note***

I wanted all of you to know that throughout this whole back pain hip pain headache thing that I have been under the care of a doctor and he has prescribed me various drugs that have been making me feel better. Thank you for all your emails and comments of goodwill. I am sorry if I wasn’t clear about the fact that I have indeed been to a doctor – I certainly didn’t mean to worry anyone!


One thought on “Crazypants

  1. Hi Jen,
    Glad to hear you are on the mend…. hope to see you next Friday!
    Enjoy the weekend ahead….

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