Freedom! I won’t let you down!

Happy Independence Day Friends! Belated, of course, in my true fashion.

Also true to fashion, we had some people over yesterday to celebrate America and freedom and hot dogs. I planned my entire week knowing that there was a hump-day BBQ coming my way with plenty of beer and chips and things that I would take some major focus to avoid. But wouldn’t you know, I have the best friends around. Please pay attention to the amount of fruit that people brought.

This wasn’t even all the fruit we had yesterday!!!

That jicama (I know, not a fruit) really saved me in times of chips.

I also fell into the bowl that my friend, Anjali brought which contained this salad. I knew I loved chickpeas and have made another chickpea recipe of Anjali’s in the past, but yesterday I learned I like summer squash which I have felt pretty blechy about in the past. I am now obsessed with this salad.

The squash is cured in salt…mmm…..

Also this happened.


Something my friend, Beth called Chocolate Brownie Pudding. I have no words. I was able to keep it in my pants though and not eat the whole thing by myself. I get by with a little help from my friends after all.

Lastly, I found this earlier in the week and thought it worthy of sharing. From A Weight Lifted, let’s declare our independence from dieting.

What do you declare your freedom from?

Happy 4th (or 5th) y’all!


3 thoughts on “Freedom! I won’t let you down!

  1. Yay! Thanks for hosting such a fun get-together and for letting us bring Goblin over. I am also obsessed with that salad and with salting-curing zucchini and summer squash. That’s the only way they taste like anything worth eating, I think.

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