Volumize your dinner

I am a volume eater. I would rather have a large quantity of healthified food that doesn’t quite taste like the real deal than 5 bites of something made with butter. Well let’s be real, I would rather everything be doused in butter, but I’ve tried that and that equals Fat Jen.  Volume is my compromise.

My favorite way to fill my plate is by bulking up something small and yummy with veggies. And I mean a lot of veggies. You’ll remember that Weight Watchers not only allows you, but encourages you to eat as many vegetables and fruit as you want for zero points, so you can add them by the bucketful if you want to and be fine & dandy on the scale. One of the easiest dishes to bulk up with veggies is a stir fry. You can get rich, authentic tasting Chinese food that is satisfying without breaking the calorie bank. In my house, we like fried rice. Cuz it’s fried. Last night I made this concoction that we’ll call Fried Rice Stir Fry. Just call me Jen Can Cook!

Clockwise from the bowl: Bok Choy stems, Marinated & Baked Tofu, Bok Choy leaves, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, eggs. Not pictured: garlic, soy sauce, hoisin, brown rice


2 Eggs & 3-4 egg whites

Shiitake Mushrooms sliced

Bok Choy – thick stems separated from leafy greens, all chopped into ribbons

Tofu (I use about 4-6 oz)



Brown Rice Cooked

Soy Sauce


Cooking Spray


Ok. Get out a big skillet. I use non-stick so I can omit the oil. Get your skillet hot. Now spray that pan with cooking spray and dump in your eggs. Scramble those suckers up.

I don’t really know how to fry an egg, but scrambling it at really high heat in a big pan so that it gets kinda brown on the edges does the trick.

Now, remove the eggs from the pan and place in a bowl off to the side. Now add your sliced mushrooms. If you can’t find shiitake then, any mushroom will do – cremini, white, as long as they’re fresh!

Mushrooms are a great way to fool meaty meat eaters that they’re eating more meat than they are. Shhh…don’t tell my husband…

Cook those mushrooms over Med-High heat until they shrivel up a little, about 8-10 min. Take ’em out of the pan & add ’em to your egg bowl.

Now turn than pan up high & add a lot of cooking spray. Toss in your Bok Choy  STEMS, scallions & garlic (I like TJ’s frozen garlic cubes). Let that cook a little, 3-5 min depending on how thick your Bok Choy stems are cut. You want the stems to be almost tender.

NOW add in your leafy Bok Choy ribbons.

There was once a time where I didn’t know what Bok Choy was & now I cook with it several times a month.

And your tofu cubes.

Trader Joes Baked & Marinated Tofu Squares come in “savory” or “teriyaki.”

Stir that all up and cook till the Bok Choy leaves begin to wilt down.


Push that mixture off the one side of the pan and spray the empty pan area with cooking spray. Add your brown rice and let it sizzle around in that half of the pan for a min or two. Toss it all together. Add eggs & mushrooms. Add soy sauce to taste – I usually take 2-3 circles around the pan. Since your pan is really hot, the soy sauce should get a little crunchy on the rice – you’re doing it right if it does!

Turn the pan to low heat and add 2 Tbsp of Hoisin sauce. You can find Hoisin in most major supermarkets in the “Asian” section. It is sweet, so go sparingly at first, but the combo of salty soy and sweet hoisin is yummers.

Put in bowls. If you’re feeling frisky add an egg roll. I recommend Lean Cuisine’s Thai Style Chicken Spring Rolls which come 3 to a package – the perfect way for me to feel like I’m splurging on an egg roll without actually splurging (3 of them = 5 points).

Dinner is served.

Now eat. Use chopsticks and it will take you an hour.

For my WW’s out there, half of this entire pan is 8 points plus. It is a huge amount of food. I usually split the pan with my husband 60/40 and knock off 2 points for myself making an even leaner 6 points plus. Then I can have one of those egg rolls and feel splurgey and good. And yes. Now splurgey is a word.

Also, I’ve done this with shredded green cabbage instead of Bok Choy, with multiple kinds of mushrooms, with ginger instead of hoisin, and with any other kind of meat instead of tofu. You can add whatever kind of veggie and I think it would be yummy. Maybe not squash, but you get the picture.

How do YOU bulk up with veggies?


One thought on “Volumize your dinner

  1. My favorite frozen meal is the chicken tikka masala from Trader Joe’s. It’s phenomenal, but small. I’ll roast some cauliflower, break that into pieces, and then pour the entire (microwaved) tikka masala dish over it, and stir so everything is coated in the masala sauce. It’s amazing, yummy, and 8 points plus for a great voluminous meal.

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