Skinny Songs

Elysian Park View From My Run/Hike

Listen, I’m not willing to say that I ENJOY working out, but I do have fantasies where I enjoy it. In those fantasies I’m running through Elysian Park with my pup, Ruby; I’ve developed that runner’s line on the sides of my thighs which you can see because I’m wearing super cute running shorts; and the music I’m jamming to is making me feel good. I have had glimpses of this, just never for an extended period of time. In reality, it’s more like, running, running, feeling good, running, oy, running, oy, walking. Half the time, I’m futzing with my 1st generation Nano in the arm band, trying to pick the song that is going to make me magically able to run for 30 minutes. Not going to happen. At least not immediately.

So I’ve decided to focus on what I can control in the present. I’m compiling a list. A list of sweet sweet exercise jams. A list to build on. A list that will put some dance in my pants. A list to rival my exercise-loving fantasies and the soundtracks that accompany them. Here’s the first 5. What would you put on the list?

1) I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem – This song makes me feel cool moving through the hipsterville that is my neighborhood of Echo Park. I feel like if the hipsters knew I was listening to this on my iPod they would approve. Also it’s a little longer which helps the time pass more quickly. Bonus – Here’s a live version I found.

2) Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley – This song makes me feel like I’m in a Romantic Comedy starring myself. And I like that sort of thing. I feel like there’s a lot of running in RomComs.

3) Wild Young Hearts by Noisettes – This is just a plain old, feel good, upbeat, keep-it-up kind of song. The version below is Noisettes performing live. Check iTunes for the more rockin’ version on their album.

4) Garbage Day by Brendan Benson – This song has such a good groove. Plus my husband likes to think he discovered Brendan Benson because he’s had his first CD since someone gave it to him in college. Good find, honey. Here he is playing the song on our local NPR station – KCRW – which often leads me to good music.

5) Feel So Close by Calvin Harris – I’m sorry. I love this song. I know it’s on the radio. But sometimes the radio is right. And so what if it’s in a commercial? He’s running in the commercial, isn’t he? He’s running in my hometown of San Francisco. Sold. Here’s the video not shot in San Francisco.

Downtown LA view means I’m almost done!


3 thoughts on “Skinny Songs

  1. Love this post! I’m a nerd and listen to podcasts. It really distracts the ol’ mind. If you want to get meta about it, run while listening to the Radio Lab podcast about the world champion ultra-marathon runner. She is a woman who had a brain tumor removed and the operation damaged her ability to experience the passage of time. Hence, she doesn’t have the constant urge to quit because RUNNING TOTALLY SUCKS.

  2. my goal is to have that line in my thigh too,one that goal all the way from my knee to my hip!! Sadly you can’t use that line as your sole motivation when you run, it doesn’t work (I have tried.) You need need good music. Thanks for the ideas

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