Losing it Live

A short post today because I’m going to send you somewhere else.

Me & my WW Leader, Lynn Kaufman talk about my journey to skinny on “Losing it Live w/Lynn!”

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with my Weight Watcher’s Leader, Lynn Kaufman. Lynn does a web radio show called “Losing it Live” and you can watch or listen to the broadcast here. We talk about everything – how I got to be fat (the answer is, I like to eat food), my dad, being a fat kid, being a fat young adult and this blog. Please give it a listen. Lynn knows what she’s doing. There’s a reason I’ve been going to her meetings for 7 years! I wasn’t able to add the video to my post, so you’ll have to click through to hear it. Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with a brief story. Also yesterday, in line at the grocery store, I was behind a very fit woman. I’m talking a muscular ass that you could see through her yoga pants. She also had blond dreadlocks which has nothing to do with the story except to add to the visual. Anyway, I totally got caught staring at her. Not because of the muscular bottom or the dreadlocks, but because she had the following items on the grocery store conveyor belt: 2 pints (different flavors) of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a bag of ice and 6 packs of gum. What was she doing? Where was she going? Home to binge eat 2 pints of ice cream and then chew gum all night so she wouldn’t eat anything else? Then what was the ice for?

Well she caught me staring, and all I could think to say was, “Sorry, I’m just jealous of your night.” To which she did not smile, laugh or even head nod. Probably because I was right about her plan. Wonder if she went through with it….

Anyhoo…click on the link to listen to Lynn’s radio show “Losing it Live” with her guest…me!


3 thoughts on “Losing it Live

  1. Loved this blog – (even though it was short!). You really have a weigh – i mean way (sorry) with words! I identify with tons (pun intended) of what you say. And absolutely loved the show you did with Lynn. (which I was going to watch even before I saw your post this morning about it!) Jen -Keep us laughing at ourselves … It’s what really helps us grow and change (I think, I hope…..). I hope to see more of your blogs and less of me (I think 25 more pounds down on me wouldn’t be a bad idea? hmmm)…will write more once I get your email

  2. Jen, one of my favorite parts about your blog is that I get to “see” you all the time 🙂 The show was fantastic. Lynn’s fantastic. You’re fantastic. And I can still picture being in that Berkeley theater watching you in A Chorus Line. I was so in awe (and stitches), and your number is most definitely the only thing I remember, aside from the big mirror. I loved hearing the story, and I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for you and all you’re doing. xoxo

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