History Repeats Itself?

Such a little bag of torture.


I have an open bag of Hershey’s Kisses in my house again. The last time this happened the bag lasted 2 days. And it wasn’t some sort of tiny bag of Kisses that teenagers buy after school at 7/11. It was a purchased-at-the-grocery-store-because-I’m-a-grown-up sized bag.

This time I had a coupon. My grocery store now has an app that sends coupons directly to my frequent-shopper card which I can look up easily on my phone. And since I do everything my iPhone tells me to do I used the $1 off coupon for Hershey’s Kisses that were already on sale for half off. I felt like I was on that TLC show for crazy coupon ladies.

Of course on night #1 of said bag of Hershey’s Kisses I had a very reasonable 2 Kisses. And when I finished those I grabbed another handful, mushing the purple foil wrappers (I got the dark chocolate ones) into a ball as I ate each one. And when I was finished with my pile, I grabbed one, then two, then three on my way to bed.

Today, the daylight offers me new resolve. Today I am ready to challenge myself.

I should be able to keep some freaking chocolate in my freaking house! I am a woman, am I not? Don’t I deserve some dark chocolate at the end of the night? Shouldn’t I be able to have a bite of something sweet to indulge in after a healthy meal?

My past behavior tells me no. My past behavior tells me to walk that bag of Kisses out my front door and through my front gate and straight to the dumpster that lives next door. My past behavior is saying “You might be fine with that bag open in your house right now, but come nightfall you will find yourself deep in its clutches without anything to save you.” I’ve been watching a lot of “Game of Thrones” and reading “The Hunger Games” recently, so forgive my drama.

Isn’t the whole point of studying history so that we can learn from our mistakes? I know it doesn’t happen enough, certainly not in present-day America where we are still debating the same issues we’ve been debating my whole life. But isn’t that the reason we make our children study history in school? So that they might grow up to be innovative leaders?

Isn’t it possible that tonight I could be satisfied by 2 dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses?

I believe that it is. But I’m not just going to ignore history. So this is how I’m playing it:

Chocolate bondage.

That’s 4 rubber bands. Then I put the entire thing inside a Ziploc bag and buried it under the frozen fruit in the freezer. So at the very least, it’ll slow me down and give me a second to realize what I’m doing.

I might be crazy.  Or I might be an innovative leader.

OR I might have to haul my ass out to that dumpster tomorrow. Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself?

  1. I think this might be brilliant, and I am motivated. I’m off to buy some caramel kisses (which I’m obsessed with, as you know, because we ate a whole bag together a few months ago while watching said Game of Thrones) and some extra rubber bands. Just 2 a night!

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