Clean Slate Day

For those of you who have been reading with me all week, you may have noticed that I’ve been a little low. Not to worry! Because my favorite thing about Weight Watchers is Fridays. Fridays are meeting days. Fridays are weigh-in days. Most importantly, Fridays are clean slate days. I could use a clean slate right about now. I’ve worked so hard this week to combat any negativity I’ve felt and channel it into self-control. And I’ll admit that I’ve both succeeded and failed in that endeavor this week.

But now, it’s Friday. Clean Slate Day.

So today, I’m sharing this clip from this week’s SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance, for all of you not in the know). Still in the audition rounds, anybody who can get past the producers can audition for the judges. On the audition shows you’ll see everything from weird new hip-hop styles you’ve never heard of. From Zombie Style Hip Hop to Exorcist Style  to amazing contemporary dancers to ballroom dancers to dancer’s children getting in on the fun.

But the final audition on SYTYCD before they move to the more intense Vegas rounds belonged to Leroy Martinez and it warmed my heart. You have to watch the slightly uncomfortable and forced banter between him and the judges before he dances, but I guarantee it will make you happy.

So just watch it. In honor of Clean Slate Day, just watch it. And feel good.


2 thoughts on “Clean Slate Day

  1. Jen,
    Just now read your todays blog… it is after our meeting….I too have been a bit down on myself all week with this heavy cloud weighing me down… BUT…just seeing Leroy (who by the way had me in tears by the end) really showed me you can’t judge the book by the cover and you can do anything you set your mind to.
    What a beautiful soul!!
    Thx for sharing and have a good week!

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