Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

My worst nightmare in my dream house designed by the dreamiest home & furniture designer ever –

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a housewarming party at a fabulous home in the Hollywood/Studio City Hills. For everyone reading outside of Los Angeles, picture driving up the famous Mulholland Dr. that overlooks the entire city of Los Angeles, following not one, not two, but FOUR Star Tours buses filled with tourists wearing matching red earphones, which occasionally pull over to let you pass them – oh no, wait – they’re taking pictures of houses supposedly hiding Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Grant (that latter, our best guess based on the British flag waving in front of one house).

The house we were warming did not disappoint. It was stunning. Completely redesigned from head to toe by our friends, Anne and her handsome, specatularly talented designer husband, Jorge Da Rosa (check out Jorge’s design firm, JDR Design for more info), it was cool and comfortable. Jon said he felt like he was on vacation. Totally. We made our way through their bright, inviting foyer and into their dining room where first my eyes landed on the table filled with my FAVORITE Trader Joes frozen apps, then the beautiful champagne sangria and then. THE SIGN. And the sign said, “Eat.”

But I had a plan. I was going to feel skinny by Monday no matter what. You can’t launch a blog called “Skinny by Monday” and fail to feel skinny by the first Monday post of said blog. I had a plan and it was to not drink alcohol and to not eat brie. But the sign. It’s a sign, right? Also, I was hungry. Worst party plan ever.

First things first, within 30 seconds I stuffed a pig-in-a-blanket into my mouth. I think before I said hello to people. Then, with my mouth full, I said something like, “Sorry, I’m so hungry and I just needed some protein.” Right. Protein.

After that, I managed to regain my composure, probably because everyone I was standing next to had a stomach the size of my thigh. I poured myself a very skinny glass of sangria, filled my small plate with my favorite Kale salad from Trader Joes and made myself half of a cracker with a thin slice of brie only after someone said it was the best brie ever. But it was only 15 minutes into the party and I had already eaten a sensible amount of food and here I am sitting in front of this bowl of guacamole and oh my god how am I gonna get through this?!

Then I noticed that there were a few people whose glasses were filled with, not sangria, but, what’s this?!…water!?!

Suddenly, the guacamole disappeared. I became obsessed with a giant bowl filled with berries which I proceeded to eat all of (this is not an exaggeration, I probably ate like 2 lbs of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries). And I listened to my friends tell me all about the cleanse they were on which required that for two weeks they eat vegan and drink no alcohol or caffeine. We started brainstorming where they should break their cleanse and before I knew it, it was time to go.

I learned a couple of things at this party.

1. I need to finish moving into our house that we’ve lived in for 3 years. I am waaaay behind.

2. Apparently peer pressure works with water too.

3. I am capable of success. I am capable of straying from the plan AND staying on track. I am capable of making a plan B on my feet. I am capable of adopting other people’s plan B’s. I am capable of maintaining control in the face of all of my usual trappings – cheese, booze, celebrations, and giant, glaring signs telling me to eat, eat, EAT.


2 thoughts on “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

  1. Impressive that you were able to catch yourself partway through and switch to better choices. I totally hear you on that…seems like when I see myself fail at an event, I just self-sabotage…

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